Warehouse Management System Integration

With Warehouse Managment System Integration, the productivity and order processing time for the warehouse team has improved.

Mason Corporation Limited (MCL) uses Interlogic’s service for their warehouse management system (WMS). The current WMS has satisfied most of the requirements but as their business expands and their demand increases, they have gone into the search for a custom solution that allows them to use their current WMS with their point-of-sale (POS) system and E-commerce website in aims to improve order processing time.

After analyzing the structure of the current WMS from Interlogic and the requirements from MCL, we have come up with a custom solution that uses Cloud Automation to integrate the system to their E-commerce website and POS system. MCL’s stock transfer and supplier order data is being synchronized between WMS and Vend POS therefore whenever the warehouse team transfers inventory to their retail stores or when the warehouse receives new stock from suppliers and updates it on WMS the WMS will automatically send a request to update those inventories on Vend POS.

All online web orders from their E-commerce website are synchronized with WMS therefore when orders are made by customers on the website, the order data will be transferred automatically to WMS and the warehouse team will have all the order data available to begin processing the orders. When orders are packed and ready to be shipped, WMS will send the order data to the courier system and shipping labels will automatically be available for printing. This will increase productivity and improve the order processing time for MCL’s warehouse team.

After the project is done, we continue to have regular checks to ensure that the features are functioning properly and any unexpected issues will be fixed so that the technical issues do not affect the user experience.

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