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Informational Website

MJ Commercial requested an informational website that they could use to showcase attractive commercial properties to their potential clients. The MJ commercial website is designed to be clean, simple, and easy to navigate allowing users to search and view commercial properties available for lease, properties currently under development, and upcoming properties. The search bar we implemented on the website allows clients to search for properties by address, as users start to type the address in the search bar it will auto-suggest properties located at that address or within that area offering convenience for the users.

Maps and inquiry forms are made available under each property listing which makes it simple for clients to seek directions to the property and send their inquiries directly to the right agent on the property page without any hassle. A portfolio of the commercial properties is also made available for clients to view including both visual and written content of before and after renovations of the properties.

We implemented website analytic tools that helped MJ Commercial views website traffic and behaviour of visitors and find out where they are coming from and what property listings are most popular.

SEO technical tools are also implemented to boost the website’s rankings in search engines and generate more page views, engagement, and leads.

Once the project is completed, we provide an on-going website maintenance service to ensure that the website is not at risk of the latest cyber threats. We help resolve issues like web servers failing, network issues, and plugin going out of date. Many things can go wrong so regular checkups and maintenance are required.

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