Property Management

Informational Website

MJ Home requested to have an information website that they can use to showcase their property listings including properties available for rent, properties currently under development, and properties that are upcoming for development in the near future. The website has been designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use for users to navigate through the property listings and view pictures, videos, descriptions of the properties, and property agent details.

Jayden Digital provides continuous website update, maintenance, and support along the way to ensure all functions of the website are working properly and ensuring that the content including visual contents of the website is updated from time to time. We check the quality and relevance of graphics and photos to ensure they are of high quality and not blurry or outdated or else it will affect the users’ experience when searching for the desired properties.

We also look at other important factors like your website’s loading speed and whether the website is compatible with all browsers and devices. Jayden Digital has implemented website analytic tools that can help track website traffic, visitor source and user clicks. MJ Home will be able to measure the popularity of each property listing.

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