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Shisha Glass is an online shop that specializes in Shisha Pipes, their E-commerce website is fully functioning but as their business grows and scales, they requested for a website redesign to welcome more traffic.
After auditing Shisha Glass’s current website, Jayden Digital decided to redesign the website to make it more modern and interesting while making sure the website is up to par with their potential customer’s expectations as customers experience while shopping online is just as important as the good or services a business provides.

Besides giving Shisha Glass a new look and ensuring that the website is functional, fast, responsive and mobile-friendly. The website has also been implemented with analytic tools that can track, measure, and report on website activity including site traffic, visitor source, and user clicks. We also ensure that the website is hitting the SEO checkpoints by making sure their website is well-structured and is optimized for search engines. Our SEO strategy always follows Google guidelines to ensure long-term results.

Shisha Glass expects a large number of daily web orders therefore we integrated their website with NZ Post for easy order delivery processing. As a business expands, they are at a higher risk of cyber-attack and hacks therefore even after the project is done, we provide website maintenance by implementing advanced security measures to prevent cyber-attack and protect the customers’ data. We also develop custom website features based on Shisha Glass’s requirements along the way.

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