Point of Sale System Integration

The Point of Sale System Integration has increased the productivity and effectiveness of the Shosha warehouse team.

Shosha is currently using Vend for their Point-of-Sale system. While Vend is a cloud-based POS software that has a set of features designed for all types of retailers, it does not meet all the requirements from Shosha. After receiving information regarding the missing features from Vend that our client is looking for, we developed a system that manages stock order and stock take for all the retail stores. This system synchronises with Vend, allowing Shosha to use their Point-of-Sale system at full potential.

We also developed an online web order management system integrated with Shosha’s online store. This system allows them to access all the order data from their online store. This increases the productivity and effectiveness of their warehouse team. To help the staff from Shosha utilise these custom features, we have designed a web app interface that is easy-to-use and requires minimal training.

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